We are here to be your advisors. You can count on our real estate industry expertise, even when you’re not sure what you need. We’re experts in business solutions, and we’re happy to help you get to where you want to be.

We give unique, tailored advice to make your business stand out. The solutions you’ll get from us are anything but typical. Our culture is dynamic, and each of us has different opinions, experience, and ideas. We bring new ideas to your business to make it better. Our focus in the real estate and property management industries means that our solutions are informed by our experience with other companies in similar situations — and it means that you bring a whole team to the table to solve your problems, enable growth, and build lasting solutions. With our Advisory Services Packages, you’ll get an experienced consultant that you can call anytime you need help.

The sky’s the limit — you tell us what you need; we’ll figure out how to get there.

We’ll work with you on a custom package of services from our menu below that is tailored to your needs. Call us at 503-239-8432 to schedule a consultation.

Advisory Services Menu

Below is a list of some of the Advisory Services that we offer. Some are general and others are geared toward specific industries or businesses. We can also work with you on custom services to fit your needs.

Cobalt Best Practices sessions to help you craft your strategy, understand the essentials of running your business, and develop advanced techniques to be tax-efficient, operationally effective, and smart.

Accounting System Implementations to get a new accounting system in place, help you understand how to use it, and to get the most out of the system you choose.

Business Health Analysis, which helps you to establish a baseline, understand what you can improve, and compare yourself to peers and established businesses in the real estate industries.

Custom Training Packages for QuickBooks Online, AppFolio Property Manager, and other systems, designed to give you and your team the knowledge you need to effectively use the system, run valuable reports, and troubleshoot issues that come up.

Business Entity Legal Set-Up and Clean-Up — we help you set up a new business entity (or set of entities), including all legal, accounting, tax, and other aspects. We partner with an experienced business attorney to get you customized legal documents that are tailored to your situation, and our packages include one-on-one time with our attorney throughout the year to ensure you get access to the legal advice you need.

Personal Financial Planning and Estate Planning Services, customized to real estate professionals, investors, and owners, designed to analyze and build your personal financial strategy and ensure the tax and legal components of estate planning are addressed.

Human Resources Advisory Services, including how to build effective systems, manage your employees, and make the difficult decisions that come up. We partner with an experienced employment attorney to get you the input and information you need.

Quarterly Strategy and Coaching Sessions with an experienced firm executive, giving you the one-on-one, tailored advice you need to execute your strategy, be nimble and change with the market, and to be held accountable for the goals that you set.