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Portland Business Journal Feature: IT'S TIME TO ACT - Portland businesses' thoughts on ending Racism

Amidst the summer 2020 protests, the Portland Business Journal spoke with business leaders throughout the Portland Metro area and asked them what Portland businesses should do to eliminate racism. Our Founder and Managing Principal, Adam Abplanalp was among the business leaders interviewed. He offered the following thoughts:

I think business leaders should be at the forefront — expressing their views, offering financial and other support to black-led organizations, demonstrations, and movements, and showing employees, clients, and others that this is unacceptable. We're all accountable for where we find our country today. It's our responsibility to acknowledge and address the systemic racism that has invaded our business culture, our communities, and our collective consciousness. But our responsibility doesn't stop at acknowledgment — it's time for us to show up and contribute to real progress.

— Adam Abplanalp, Managing Principal, Cobalt, P.C.

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