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Pat Gacita
Pat Gacita

Pat Gacita

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Pat had been working in the accounting world for nearly five years before joining Cobalt. She started her career assisting with audits and handling paperwork, but has honed her skills and specialties to be a perfect fit for our tax team. She calls her position with us an "Accounting Architect" using her expertise to complete complex month and year end closing tasks. She finds a profound satisfaction and fulfillment in the intricacies of accounting work and we're so grateful to have her with us!

  • Bachelors of Science in Accounting Technology

  • Certified Xero Advisor

  • Appfolio Certified Specialist: End of Month Accounting


Outside of work, Pat really enjoys going to concerts to appreciate the magical experience of live music. She also loves taking evening walks as a peaceful way to unwind and clear her mind. When she is home, she spends time relaxing with her pets, playing with her 4 dogs and cuddling up with her 7 cats. On top of that, she often has fun at karaoke nights with family and friends, even though she claims she is not the best singer (we suspect she is probably great!). But for Pat, it's all about having fun and making memories together


Favorite Podcast

Get Real by Dive Studios and Adulting with Joyce Pring

"These podcasts are my go-to for their insightful discussions on life's complexities and adulting challenges. Get Real is my favorite because it's just so random sometimes, it makes me laugh, and I can listen to it repeatedly."

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